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A vibrating penis ring is similar to an erection ring except it has a small vibrator on it. This ring make your penis little harder and sensitive. It increase much more enjoyment to you and your partner during sex.

There is no size limit its universal/ flexible and no any side effect of using the vibrating ring.

Advantage of using viberaing Ring:

A vibrator ring which men wear on penis during intercourse.

It will too much enhance female partner specially & ejaculate her.

How to use?

    Shave your scrotum before use.
    Put ring on while flaccid. Use lubricant will help you to wear it easy.
    Turn it on when you are ready to use or turn of when you taking break.
    This can also help you to hold the condom.
    Batteries (Cell) life is not more than hour. You can change the batteries when you feel it’s low. Easy to change batteries

You can use any delay spray with it for more enjoy both of you.


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