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Pink Anal is a butt plug which prominently made for anal play.

It is used to take pleasure inside the anus. Black Golden Anal consists

four consecutive swollen bulbs that increase in diameter of 24mm, 32mm,

41mm, 48mm & 55mm with enough length of 200mm.

Black Golden Anal is ideal for beginner & intermediate users

if they don't have own partner and looking temptation in their

anal on various angles. It is easy to rotate inside anal that gives

the full satisfaction of anal play in solo and partners can also try this 

sex toy for orgasmic pleasure. Both men or women can use

this sex toy for their rectum. Black Golden Anal is high quality body material.

It is too soft & flexible for easy & smooth insertion so there will be no pain during

unexpected load applied. And this toy has a suction cup on the bottom.

Black Golden Anal makes incredible experiences for users when having

a butt plug that turns into steamy orgasm. It is a skin safe material which

is non-poisonous for body skin. It is very effective for the development and expansion of anal.

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